• Cobalt City

    by  • August 2, 2012 • Cobalt City Guidebook

    A color-coded breakdown to the neighborhoods of Cobalt City.

    The Star of New England, Cobalt is a mid-sized city, close in scale to Boston.  Scene of some of the Revolutionary War’s stranger battles, Cobalt City has a long Cape and Cowl tradition, with some heroic identities, such as the Huntsman, stretching back hundreds of years.  Comprised of several distinct neighborhoods, it holds on to the historical character of the city, while being a bastion of scientific progress.  It is widely accepted that Cobalt City is the center of this world’s super-hero community.


    The Districts of Cobalt City

    Made up of eight distinct neighborhoods bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and divided by the Puckwudgie River, the districts of Cobalt City are:Cannonade, Downtown, The Hollows, Karlsburg, Morriston, Parkside, Regency Heights, and Quayside.

    Must see sights include Lafayette Park and the Lafayette House, Fox Point Lighthouse, Liberty Grand Theater, a ride on the Cobalt Civil Monorail, the Forbidden Palace Casino, and the home of the city’s premiere super-hero group the Protectorate – The Keep, complete with gift shop and museum of the Cobalt’s super history.

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