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    This guest post is by Minerva Zimmerman, author of “The Place Between,” one of the two novellas in the Cobalt City Double Feature.


    I’m the kind of girl your comics guy warned you about. I don’t really like superheroes. I find most of them tiring and well past their ‘best by date’. I like complicated characters who grow and change. If forced to pick my favorite superhero, I always pick Aquaman even though I think his outfit looks like a demented furrier made a body suit out of 400 goldfish and a dozen bass. I pick him because I judge my superheroes based on how much trouble Earth would be in if they went evil. Evil Aquaman = Earth totally boned. He could bring world-trade to a standstill and evade capture indefinitely. Plus, there are all those nuclear weapons everyone is storing on submarines all over the place.

    I first encountered Cobalt City and its superhero inhabitants through a story by Nate Crowder called “The War at Home.” It takes place in 1976 with Cole Washington returning home from Vietnam with an unusual post-war condition: he’s become the avatar of Thor. Cole fights the avatar of Loki who has been selling drugs out of the local roller disco. In the process, Cole becomes the hero Midnight Thunder. It was a story that rolled around in my brain a long time after I heard Nate read it. You see… I understood that no matter how many times Loki was defeated, he’d always come back.

    I knew that if the opportunity came up, I wanted to write about the next time Loki came back. The problem was, I needed a hero. So when they asked if I wanted to be a part of Cobalt City: Double Feature, I only paused to make it LOOK like I was contemplating the decision.

    When Timid Pirate asked if I wanted to write something in the Cobalt City universe, they knew I was the kind of person to take tiny sparkly unicorns and use them to destroy the world. They wanted to see what kind of things I’d come up with when turned loose on a city of superheroes.

    “Does Cole Washington have a daughter?” I asked.

    “He does actually.”

    “Can I make her the new avatar of Thor?”

    “You want to write Thor?”

    When someone asks if you want to write a god– you say yes.

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    Minerva Zimmerman enjoys writing tragically funny fiction and has several short stories in Timid Pirate anthologies, including “Muffin Everlasting” and “Apples and Arrows.” She is statistically chaotic neutral, but all her good deeds are done in secret. She had an evil career all picked out until she moved to the edge of the known world and became a perfectly respectable museum professional instead. Her job provides endless stories and more danger than your average desk job. Every week, she finds a new and entertaining way to kill herself off and writes about it on her blog (http://minervazimmerman.com/). Minerva has managed to drop herself a lengthy distance onto her head and live. She lives in rural Oregon with three cats, a dog, and her husband, She’s touched 5000 year old fingerprints. She thinks bears should not wear pants and spiders make great minions. She grew up thinking that scary things are there to protect you and pretty, helpless looking things are a trap. She’s been unable to shake this theory as an adult.


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