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    Timid Pirate is thrilled to announce our first ever audio book, which will be for Erik Scott de Bie’s Eye for an Eye, including the notorious superheroine Lady Vengeance and the techie inventor Stardust fighting malevolence and ex-boyfriends.

    Each section will be read by one of several characters for which we are looking for voice actors. The intent is to bring inflection and a sense of voice to the section.

    There will be four reading parts:

    • Stardust (Male adult). A happily married inventor who might be having a teensy-tinsy midlife crisis even though he has the coolest jointed metal suits and science labs of anybody ever in the history of the universe.
    • Lady Vengeance, or Vivienne (Female adult). An alcoholic, middle-aged superhero with a penchant for getting into trouble while wearing eye-catching, form-fitting clothing. Her superpower is the ability to magnify the emotions of those around her.
    • The Raven (Male adult). A Hispanic superhero with a nasty side, who has fixated on his ex-girlfriend (Lady Vengeance) and is absolutely positive she’s going to destroy the world, unless he uses his amazing scientific brain to kill her promptly.
    • Charlotte (Female teen). A small part for Stardust’s teenage daughter, like, totally.

    We want your vocal talent! Yes, you–or your friend, the one with the really cool voice? This project does not offer any financial compensation, but can be used in your portfolio. Auditions close April 1, 11pm.

    This audiobook will be recorded using Audacity, a free and wonderful program. You must use Audacity to record your files.

    To Audition:

    1. Download Audacity. (It’s free! http://audacity.sourceforge.net/)
    2. Using headphones and a mic, record yourself reading the excerpt below, starting with “From Chapter 4.”

    New to Audacity? Basic visual tutorial.

    1. Edit sound if desired (not necessary). Save the file as a .wav file or an mp3 file.
    2. Submit sound file by emailing it to [email protected] Let us know if you are auditioning for a particular character in the subject line.
    3. You’ll hear from us!


    Audio Sample to Record:
    From Chapter 4
    Eye for an Eye by Erik Scott de Bie, part of the Cobalt City Double Feature
    All rights reserved by Timid Pirate Publishing

    “Incoming call from Liz, mobile,” the Computer said.
    “OK. Hang on—” Stardust alighted on the old Bailey, because his wife had always told him not to face-chat and fly.
    A tiny holographic image appeared on his pop-up screen. “Hi, honey.” Elizabeth Stevens looked down at the blood-covered woman in Stardust’s arms. “Who’s that?”
    “Not entirely sure, actually,” he said. “You’re not jealous, are you?”
    Liz gave him a cool look, one eyebrow raised. “No, honey, I just know you. You’re not going off on one of your half-cocked, spontaneous adventures… are you?”
    “Nope,” Stardust said. “Promise. I’m 100% cocked. Er.”
    Her eyebrow rose higher.
    “Totally under control,” he said. “I just have to run this goth-dressing, dimension-hopping, fear-inducing super-villain down to the police station, and I’ll be home in time for Mike’s soccer game.” He paused. “Though . . . well, maybe until I get this super-villain thing done, you and the kids had better go up to the cabin for a few days. I might be onto something big and potentially dangerous.”
    “Everything you do is big and dangerous.” Liz returned a long-patient sigh. “I have some things to do in the city, but after that, ok. I could use a few days away anyway. Remember the dry cleaning, and try not to get repulsor burns on it this time?”
    “That’s never, ever happened. Except the last couple times. Four, tops.”
    Liz disappeared into a message that said “call ended.”
    The conversation left Stardust vaguely uneasy. He loved talking to his wife, true, but whenever he took one of her calls in the armor, he felt like she gave him a gently castigating look. He felt a little like a boy caught in his mom’s headlights with a toy he wasn’t supposed to play with. And this videochat proved no exception.
    Maybe he was just tired.
    Lady Vengeance stirred. “Who was that?”
    “My wife, actually,” Stardust said.
    “You’re married? Like, to a woman?”
    “You sound surprised.”
    “Sorry, I saw the skin-tight, blue power suit and just assumed.”
    Stardust couldn’t imagine what she meant. He cleared his throat. “You married?”
    “God no,” she said. “Must be tough, being a family man and a super-hero, being tied down and unable to go jetting off whenever. She sounds gorgeous, though.”
    “Yes, yes she is. Unfortunately, they don’t make ‘em that gorgeous downtown.”
    “OK, Cheesedust.” Vivienne coughed raggedly. “You’re seriously taking me to the police? Oh yeah, that’s gonna go great.”
    “What do you mean? Is this about that Raven person who’s following you?”
    “The Raven,” Vivienne corrected. “And when you meet him, whatever you do, don’t say ‘nevermore.’ He hates that.” She sounded casual, but her eyes were afraid.
    “You can relax,” he said. “You’re safe. I’m taking you to the police.”
    “It won’t matter,” she said. “And it’s not true, you know. What you told your wife.”
    “What wasn’t?”
    “I’m not a super-villain.” Her eyes glazed. “The rest, ok, but not that.”
    She put her fingers up to his face, but there was no magic there. Instead, she just smeared some half-congealed blood on his already scratched faceplate. She slipped back into half-consciousness before he could ask for an explanation.
    Stardust considered what she’d said, coupled with Liz’s concerns. He hadn’t realized he was on a spontaneous adventure, but now that she said the words, they fit. He hadn’t taken the armor out for more than the occasional joyride and/or mugging in years. He had to admit, there was something exciting about being back in the saddle, shirking his responsibilities once in a while.
    Stardust fired up the boot jets and took off for the police station.

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