• Ka-Pow! An Anthology of Superhero Stories

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    Ka-Pow! collects fiction and non-fiction superhero tales into one e-book with a good purpose: to donate money to the Foundation for Sustainable Development. Timid Pirate worked with Aaron Dietz to put together this star-studded anthology. As superheroes take over screen, stage and page, and with costumed patrollers out of the conventions and in the streets, Timid Pirate is delighted to bring Ka-Pow! to the limelight. Ka-Pow! is the written superhero, an anthology of real-life and fictional tales about superheroes. With a star-studded, multi-caped cast of authors, there’s enough delightful mayhem to cover the masking, unmasking, fighting, loving and bandaging-up of superheroes.

    This anthology has been a delight to curate and to edit, and the table of contents includes:

    Customs by Tad, by Matthew Guerruckey

    Coming out of the phone booth, by Tea Krulos

    Tweet by AJ Roberts

    Small Creatures, by Erin Parker

    Tweedle D and Tweedle Dum, by Phoenix Jones

    The Invigilante, by David Willis

    Adventures of Bullet and Speed, by Larry Crist

    Nyx, by Peter Tangen

    Bizarre Oakland Chase Ends in Fiery Blaze, by Dave Prosper

    Tattoo Kryptonite, by Kat Glover

    Coming out of the phone booth, Part II, by Tea Krulos

    Dec 21st, 2011, by Thanatos Necrium

    The Emerald Legacy, by Vincent Truman

    The Correspondance, by Cole Hornaday and Aaron Dietz

    Zero the Hero, by Wendy Kennar

    Life, by Peter Tangen

    Never underestimate the power of pastels, by Meg Tuite

    Coming out of the phone booth, Part III, by Tea Krulos

    Image, by DK

    Legacy, by Andrew Starz

    The Alter Egos Society, by Lauren Hudgins

    The Codes, by Bud Smith

    Sept 3, 2012 by SkyMan

    Cover Design by Charlie Potter

    Here’s to changing the world, one act and one story at a time. Purchase the e-book of Ka-Pow! here.

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