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    Cobalt City Rookies

    Wrecker of Engines by Rosemary Jones, Tatterdemalion by Nikki Burns, Kensei by Jeremy Zimmerman

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    Cobalt City Double Features

    The Place Between by Minerva Zimmerman / Eye for an Eye by Erik Scott de Bie

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    The Protectorate Trilogy

    Chanson Noir, by Nathan Crowder

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    Cobalt City Blues, by Nathan Crowder

    $15.95 plus tax and shipping


    Cobalt City Dark Carnival edited by Nathan Crowder


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    Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds, edited by C. Dombrowski, Available December 15th

    Now available: $15.95 plus tax and shipping (U.S. only. Contact us via email for international orders)

    Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions, Edited by C. Dombrowski

    $12.95 plus tax and shipping

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    Check out these podcasts of readings from Growing Dread!

    Cobalt City Christmas, Edited by C. Dombrowski


    $9.95 plus tax and shipping

    Cobalt City Timeslip, Edited by C. Dombrowski

    $9.95 plus tax and shipping

    The Pirate Keeps you Cozy on Rainy Nights!

    Our featured product for the downhill slope of autumn (when all good pirates are keeping their fires burning and darning their socks), is our stylish Large Thermos Bottle. Perfect for your coffee, hot cider, spiced mead, or our personal favorite a gingerbread cocoa, this mug fits most vehicle cup holders and stores 15 oz. With a ceramic outer shell, stainless steel inner sleeve, and gasket-sealed lid with snap-tight closure, it helps keep the hot stuff hot — just like you like it.

    For the finest in Timid Pirate schwag, take a look at the Timid Pirate’s Booty for a premium selection of containers for books or beverages. Be the darling of the Seven Seas and the best equipped pirate of Skull Cove, and help spread the message of Adventures Unlimited!