• Cobalt City Dark Carnival

    Edited by Nathan Crowder

    Once a generation the carnival rolls into Cobalt City. With faded canvas and chips in the garish paint of the attractions, it could be like any other struggling traveling circus.

    But it isn’t. The Carnival de Pomme D’or has been around for centuries. And when it comes through Cobalt City bad things happen: vanishings, murders, inexplicable robberies, a rash of murder/suicides, and a mounting sense of urgency and danger.

    The heroes of the city have been unable to destroy the carnival before, but those who have witnessed its coming in previous generations can not deny its power. Before the big top rolls out of town, heroes will fall, villains will rise, and Cobalt City will be changed, perhaps forever!

    ISBN: 978-0-9830987-6-8

    $12.95 plus tax and shipping

    Table of Contents

    • “Apples and Arrows” by Minerva Zimmerman
    • “Funhouse” by Erik Scott de Bie (featuring Stardust)
    • “Harrigan the Magnificent” by Matt Adams
    • “Custody Battle” by Charlie Kenmore (featuring Dr. Shadow)
    • “Call and Response” by Catherine and Andrew Warren (featuring Knockabout)
    • “Dance with the Devil” by Ashley Bates (featuring Libertine)
    • “Unexpected Sparx” by Dawn Vogel (featuring Kara Sparx and Lumien)
    • “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” by Amber Keller (featuring Mister Grey)
    • “Fortunes for the Brave Heart” by Rosemary Jones (featuring Wild Kat)
    • “Snowflake’s Chance in Hell” by Jeremy Zimmerman (featuring Snowflake)
    • “Carnival Heart” by Erik Scott de Bie, Rosemary Jones, Dawn Vogel, and Jeremy Zimmerman (featuring Louis Malenfant among others)

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