• Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds

    Edited by C. Dombrowski

    In the next cycle of expanding humanity, communities will thrive in a post-industrial world. This is the reign of the makers, the doers, the community builders, the farmers and those who work with tangible objects, producing and creating. Small, tight-knit communities abound in adventures, mysteries and tales of the human. The chaos is over, and rebuilding is well underway. What characters and situations have arisen? Stick with us and find out with our new anthology in 2011, focused on a more benevolent kind of apocalypse.

    What happens when people keep calm and carry on? What happens when many people’s jobs vanish overnight, and they return to the land and their innate powers? How do people come together, rediscover rapture and build new lives together?

    The end of the the world is the new frontier. Worlds and civilizations die, but the survivors find a way to move on. Most apocalypse stories focus on the fire or the ash. We show the phoenix.

    ISBN: 978-0-9830987-7-5

    Now available: $15.95 plus tax and shipping (U.S. only. Contact us via email for international orders)

    Table of Contents:

    • “Circulation” by Eric Del Carlo
    • “My City of Ruins” by Adam Israel
    • “Trail of Breadcrumbs” by Jennifer Brozek
    • “The Wheel” by Edward Martin III
    • “Little Utopia” by Bram E. Gieben
    • “Gaia’s Legacy” by David Kernot
    • “Unicorn Chaser” by Minerva Zimmerman
    • “Trading with the Ruks” by Nathan Shumate
    • “Midwife” by Jon-Michael Emory
    • “Girl with Sunrise in her Hair” by Val Muller
    • “Forgetfulness” by Dean Kisling
    • “Consensus” by Timons Esaias
    • “Maps as Currency” by Melissa Dominic
    • “Aaron’s Unmasking” by Chuck Robertson
    • “Affirmations” by S.R. Algernon
    • “Story” by Butch Kenney
    • “How Frank Delano Changed the World, But Not as Much as He Thought” by Torrey Podmajersky
    • “Jar-Washing Day” by Leslie Light