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    Cobalt City Neighborhoods

    2011 was the Year of the City. Part of that was a tour through Cobalt City, neighborhood by neighborhood, in a series of original short stories we called our Neighborhoods Project.

    • Parkside: “Location, Location, Location!” by Rosemary Jones (PDF download)
    • Karlsburg: “Swordsaint of Karlsburg” by Jeremy Zimmerman (PDF download)
    • Regency Heights: “Old Roots from a Sinister Vine” by Nathan Crowder (PDF download)


    • The first three chapters of each novella in Cobalt City Rookies (PDF download)
    • From Cobalt City Timeslip “The War at Home” by Nathan Crowder (PDF download) previously published in Cobalt City Timeslip.
    • Excerpt from “The Place Between” from Cobalt City Double Feature by Minerva Zimmerman (PDF download)

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    Cobalt City Biopunk Fiction

    We are pleased to present “Tomorrow’s Harvest” by Nikki Burns. Originally written for Cobalt City Timeslip, we realized that this story formed a perfect thematic bridge from Timeslip to Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions.

    Nikki Burns has previously appeared in Cobalt City Christmas with her story ‘Home for Christmas.’ An emerging talent and long-time fan of the Cobalt City universe, Nikki is a Seattle area native. She has a strong affinity for nature, leading us to believe that she may, in fact, be a Druid.