Mission: Timid Pirate Publishing believes that everyone is a super-hero. Furthermore, super-heroes are the perfect vehicle for telling stories of contemporary mythic adventure.

    Q – What does Timid Pirate publish?

    A – Timid Pirate is, first and foremost, home to the Cobalt City Universe stories. These primarily super-hero tales have a liberal crossed-genres bias. We also publish anthologies of other speculative fiction from the fringe–stories that are fun but don’t fit within the standard fantasy/sci-fi/horror market. For instance, biopunk and community-building apocalypse anthologies. As our motto says, Adventures Unlimited.

    Q – You have a whimsical logo and a whimsical company name. Does that mean that your books are whimsical and kid friendly?

    A – Many of our books have whimsical elements, but for the most part they are not recommended for young readers. We do occasionally deal with adult subjects (sex and substance abuse for example), strong language is scattered around the books, and violence frequently rears its head but it is never gratuitous. Most books are more a PG-13 or soft R. Timid Pirate Publishing does not publish splatterpunk or erotica. Timid Pirate Publishing wants you to have the best reading experience possible, so we write clear book descriptions. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a given title, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

    Q – Are you currently accepting submissions for novels or anthologies?

    A – As a small press, we have a set publishing schedule. We only accept submissions for specific anthologies, posted on our Submissions page. All unsolicited submissions will be deleted unread. Currently, we have no plans to open for general submission for novels. We are always interested in novella-length pieces featuring established Cobalt City characters, but query first. Details for all submissions are on our conveniently-titled “Submissions” page.

    Q – What is the Cobalt City Universe, and why should I care?

    A – Cobalt City is the shared universe creation of author/publisher Nathan Crowder, and home to many of his novels and anthologies. At its core is a world of superheroes, the focus has always been to highlight the humanity of these characters and stories. Over the years, Cobalt City has grown from a solo project to ever-growing world spanning novels, short fiction, and online audio drama. Links to free Cobalt City material can be found on our Downloads page. For a visitor’s eye view, check out the Cobalt City Guide for detailed listings and character art for many of the heroes of Cobalt City, as well as descriptions of the city’s many neighborhoods and a complete timeline of all Cobalt City fiction.

    In general terms, Cobalt City, the Star of New England, is a mid-sized city, close in scale to Boston (and located just a bit south on Cape Cod). The scene of some of the Revolutionary War’s stranger battles, Cobalt City has a long Cape and Cowl tradition, with some heroic identities, such as the Huntsman, stretching back hundreds of years. Comprised of several distinct neighborhoods, it retains the historical character of the city, while being a bastion of scientific progress. It is widely accepted that Cobalt City is the center of this world’s super-hero community. For audio drama set in Cobalt City and starring super-heroes, try our free podcast Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited.

    Encompassed by four novels and a growing list of anthologies, Cobalt City is a playground that enables authors and readers to explore what it means to be a hero, and ultimately, what it means to be human. If you like exciting stories with a dash of fantasy, science, and horror, you will enjoy your time in Cobalt City. The anthologies feature a broad range of talented writers and give a great (and inexpensive) introduction and overview of the world. Each anthology is a standalone book.

    Q – How do I contact you?

    A – Easy! For general questions, contact us at [email protected] Editorial questions can go to Caroline D., publishing questions to Nathan Crowder, and art questions to Jeremy Matthews. For questions about the podcast, Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited, direct them to [email protected]