• Archon

    by  • July 24, 2012

    Acknowledged expert in just about everything, Archon is a peak physical and mental specimen in just about every measurable way. His blue eyes blaze with confidence, and his selfless courage and quickness of action make him the poster boy for human potential. He is usually dressed for action in a white jacket that seems to [...]

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    by  • July 16, 2012

    The panda driving that armored towncar isn’t an illusion – it’s Snowflake, the hyper-evolved mechanic, pilot, and driver for The Protectorate. Having long worked around the fringes of the superhero community, he is not an uncommon sight around town. He is partial to cargo shorts and vintage band shirts–and is not known for his cheerful [...]

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    The reviews are in! Cobalt City Double Feature lives!

    by Nathan Crowder • July 11, 2012

    While you were sleeping, Cobalt City Double Feature slipped into the universe. The Kindle version appeared first on Amazon, as these things seem to do. And of course we have it here as well (as a bundle of Kindle/ePub/PDF) although the delivery is less elegant than we’d like–we email you the bundle, so if you [...]

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    Unexpected Technical Difficulties

    by Nathan Crowder • July 5, 2012

    In this age of eBooks when anybody with a computer, a text, and a bit of gumption can self-publish, there’s a pretty wide range of quality formatting. It doesn’t help much that most of us are kind of feeling it out ourselves, and there are multiple devices/formats that don’t play well with each other. I’ve [...]

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    Releasing next week: The Cobalt City Double Feature

    by Nathan Crowder • June 30, 2012

    Some people think less is more. We humbly disagree. That’s why we’re giving you the Cobalt City Double Feature–two fresh, exciting novellas packed back to back for twice the enjoyment. I loved the double features growing up. I can’t believe my parents let me squander so many sunny hours in front of the television. But [...]

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    Gato Loco

    by  • June 15, 2012

    The cycle-riding vigilante known as Gato Loco is considered an urban legend by much of Cobalt City, but the crime syndicates know to fear him. Racing through the streets clad in black leather with yowling cat symbol on the back, and a helmet shaped like a cat’s head, it is said that bullets cannot touch [...]

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    A New Generation of Heroes brings YA fiction

    by Nathan Crowder • May 22, 2012

    Being young isn’t easy. Most Young Adult fiction that’s being published these days kind of bears that out. But isn’t the nature of storytelling to reflect the real world and real people on some level? At the core, isn’t the goal of YA to provide characters and situations that the readers (both young and old [...]

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    Mister Grey

    by  • May 16, 2012

    That mysterious gray figure in hat and long coat, perpetually cloaked in smoke isn’t a ghost–not exactly. The hero known as Mister Grey is a protector of the city, typically found in Karlsburg where he does everything in his power to crush the drug trade. Quick to vanish in a cloud of ash and then [...]

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    Louis Malenfant

    by  • April 24, 2012

    Madman to many and occult researcher to others, the man known as Louis Malenfant is no one’s hero. Marked at birth as a whipping boy of the fates, his lengthy study of the dark arts has left him no longer firmly tethered to our world. Of average height with thinning brown hair, weak chin, dishwater [...]

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    Cobalt City Double Feature

    by Nathan Crowder • April 3, 2012

    Packed to the brim with superhero adventures of magic and technology, Cobalt City Double Feature brings you two exciting novella-length stories written by some of Cobalt’s favorite authors! Your recommended blockbuster reading. The Place Between by Minerva Zimmerman (“Muffin Everlasting” and “Apples and Arrows”) breathes life into the world of the Norse Gods. In 1975, [...]

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