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    Cobalt City Rookies

    Cobalt City, Jewel of New England, has been the home of superheroes since the first people settled on the rocky shore. But as the old heroes move away, die, or retire, it falls to a new generation to step up and bear the burden—protecting Cobalt, and the world, from the nefarious plans of madmen and malicious Gods. Join a diverse band of new teen heroes as they pick up the mask, challenge destiny, and dare to become legends.

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    Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited

    Curious about the Cobalt City universe? Want more adventures with the Protectorate? Then check out these thrilling audio adventures featuring your favorite heroes from the City of Champions. This 2011 Parsec Award-Winning podcast is written by Nathan Crowder and Produced by Michaela Hutfles.

    Hollow Offerings

    Powerhouse socialite Velvet teams up with the young legacy hero Huntsman to investigate a vampire infestation.


    Return of the Prodigal Eagle

    Gallows, the sardonic teleporter is recruited by Wild Kat to
    infiltrate a Chinese facility in order to rescue Golden Eagle, a hero
    who was thought to have vanished years ago.

    Bug Hunt

    On the hunt for a mysterious swarm of albino cockroaches, Worm Queen enlists the help of Doctor Shadow to plumb the dangerous depths of Cobalt City’s network of tunnels. But with a storm raging above and the water levels rising, the underground environment gets more dangerous by the minute. And there worse things beneath Cobalt than water and bugs!

    My Best Worst Enemy

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    Cobalt City Dark Carnival

    Once a generation the carnival rolls into Cobalt City. With faded canvas and chips in the garish paint of the attractions, it could be like any other struggling traveling circus.

    But it isn’t. The Carnival de Pomme D’or has been around for centuries. And when it comes through Cobalt City bad things happen: vanishings, murders, inexplicable robberies, a rash of murder/suicides, and a mounting sense of urgency and danger.

    The heroes of the city have been unable to destroy the carnival before, but those who have witnessed its coming in previous generations can not deny its power. Before the big top rolls out of town, heroes will fall, villains will rise, and Cobalt City will be changed, perhaps forever!

    ISBN: 978-0-9830987-6-8
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    Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions

    Let eleven visionary authors show you the dangers and wonders of nature 2.0. Harnessing the power of nature, these authors show us biological futures that could be. If the human brain is the best computer in the world, what happens when someone learns how to hack it? A submarine captain, a government employee, a vat-grown sex toy and a world without death await within…to say nothing of the unicorns and timeless beauties. Includes stories by Angel Leigh McCoy, Erik Scott de Bie, Jeremy Zimmerman, Berit K.N. Ellingsen, Michael Hacker, and others.

    ISBN 978-0-9830987-4-4

    $12.95 plus tax and shipping

    Chanson Noir

    The Protectorate saga begins here! There are other worlds besides our own, stacked in an unfolding coil of possibilities. The Queen of the Black Sigh rules over her own world as the timeless avatar of physical decay. But her palace is also her prison, for the artifact she needs to breach the veil between worlds has been lost to the ages. If someone were to uncover her Obsidian Mirror, the gateway would be open to her, and countless realities would fall before her insatiable hunger. And when the mirror is uncovered, it falls to The Protectorate, heroes of Cobalt City to stop her.

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